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Loving Miss Bessie

Miss Bessie - title with hat-page-0

Although Miss Bessie Myers is a figment of my imagination, she is every bit real in the sense that we all have a Miss Bessie in our lives.

Miss Bessie is everyone’s crazy aunt, spooky neighbor, beloved grandmother, and dearest friend. She can be brutally honest, painfully funny, sweet as honey and prickly as a pear. She is both the preacher’s staunchest supporter and sharpest critic. Of all the words used to describe this godly saint, there is one which stands out above them all … unpredictable.

The Trace O’Reilly Mystery Series

Book # One – Million Dollar Murder – Order here

Million Dollar Murder Front Cover

Book # Two – Snap Shot of a Killer – Order here

Snap Shot of a Killer Amazon cover

Book #3 – In the Line of Fire – Order here

IN THE LINE OF FIRE FRONT COVER-page-0After saving Lily from Nelson Peterson a second time, Trace and his daughter Lily, begin to rebuild their lives. Using her money, Trace sets up his own investigation agency while Lily pursues a degree in Criminology. But it isn’t long before their lives spin out of control at breakneck speed. Someone is following her. Her dorm room along with their condo gets ransacked. Trace believes the necklace holds the key. As the bodies begin to pile up, Trace and Lily find themselves caught in a web of lies, deceit, and murder which will crescendo into one explosive climax.

Christian Fantasy Series

     The Witch and the Wise Men – Order HereBook Trailer

An anthe-witch-and-the-wise-men-jpgcient medallion is discovered,
An evil spirit is awakened,
A witch’s curse is broken …
And the wise men of Bethlehem are called upon to face the ultimate evil.




The Lost Medallion E-Book – Order Here, Order Paperback  – Here

The Lost Medallionfrontcover

Beneath the Hill of Endor is a Temple,
Inside the Temple is a chamber,
Inside the chamber is a door,
and behind the door … the abyss.
And the key to the door is the witch’s medallion.




The Last Magi – to view the book trailer. To purchase E-book, click here. To purchase a paper book, click here. 

The_Last_Magi front coverIsrael has signed the Peace Accord. The Third Temple is under construction. The world holds its breath as the Ark of the Covenant is rediscovered, And then Stolen.






Journey to Edenstrae – Click here to view the book trailer. To purchase E-book, click here. To purchase the paperback, click here.

Journey to Edenstrae Front CoverThey say the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, but this time, it did. And it grew into a mighty tree … Edenstrae.The Christian Fantasy Series

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The Jared Russell Series

#1 Sisters of the Veil – Order Here, Book Trailer

Sisters of the Veil Amazon cover

Hunted by a radical Muslim cleric, Fatemah Bashera, and Shirin Hassani escape Iran and come to America. Were it not for Jared Russell, a former Marine turned architect, all would be lost. Join Jared and the two women as they navigate the minefield of hatred and prejudice and find the meaning of love and forgiveness in




#2 Power Play – Order Here, Book Trailer

Power Play, a riveting, true to life Political Thriller, which will hold you breathless.
Jared and Fatemah Russell have moved to Beirut, Lebanon to open up a safe house for converted Power Play front coverMuslims called the Harbor House. They hire fifteen-year-old Anita Bashera as their housekeeper. Little did they know that she is the daughter of the soon to be elected Prime Minister, Abdullah Bashera. Complicating matters, they invite a young man named Habib to help them get settled. Emotions run high as the two young people find themselves working in close-quarters, but she has a problem. She is to be married to her father’s archenemy on her sixteenth birthday. The two young people find themselves caught in the middle of political intrigue, personal crisis, and the chaos of war. Can their budding love endure or will they let their differences tear them apart?

#3 The Final Countdown – Order Here, Book Trailer

The Final Countdown 200x200 front

Time is running out. Three people hold the clues to where a dirty bomb is located, but they are being systematically killed.
After their escape from Beirut, Lebanon, Jared and Fatemah Russell return to America and are caught between radical Muslims and their own safety.
Joined by Habib Hanif and Anita Bashera, Jared and his friends meet three strangers who give them a cryptic message, but they too are being hunted. Anita’s brothers, Amil and Rajeed, have set things in motion and without divine intervention … thousands will die.
Anita’s cousin, Kaleel Bashera, a CIA agent, has been given presidential authority to hunt down and kill Anita’s brothers, but there’s a problem … only Anita can identify Rajeed. Is she willing to kill her own brother? Tensions rise, tempers flare as the clock ticks. Can they solve the mystery before America experiences another September 11th?
Author Bryan M. Powell has done extensive research for this fictional, but true to life story. What if the events in this story were true? It’s only a matter of time.

The Jared Russell Set

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The Chase Newton Series/ formerly The Stranger Series

The Order – formerly Stranger in the Pulpit – Order Here
The_order_color front_view Chase Newton, an investigative reporter with the Beaumont Observer, finds himself caught in an international conspiracy. In his quest for the truth behind who Pastor T. J. Richards really is, he found the truth he had been searching for all his life.
Sitting at the table in the kitchen drinking coffee from a mug, Chase studied the Document. Actually, it was more than a single sheet of paper. It was many sheets of paper, all saying basically the same thing: that nearly half of the United States of America would no longer be under its jurisdiction.
If this transaction takes place, millions of Americans will wake up tomorrow no longer Americans. Chase could see in his mind’s eye that something even bigger was afoot.
They have to be stopped! But how? Should I destroy the Document? Would that stop The Order?
Chase’s life and the lives of those around him hung by a thread. Armed with a cigarette lighter and the Document, Chase was prepared to face whatever awaited him.

The Oath – formerly Stranger in the White House – Order Here, Book Trailer

The_oath_color front_view

“But why was I chosen for this job, anyway? I’m not an FBI agent.”

“You are the only person that James Randall trusts and calls, so you are the go-to guy,” he said with a smile, “so let’s go save the country.”

In The Oath, investigative reporter Chase Newton is once again called upon to uncover the evil that has taken over his government and is trying to destroy America.



The Outsider – formerly The Stranger Among Us – Order Here, Book Trailer

The_outsider_color front_view

“Imagine a world where there is no sickness, no disease, no curse. Now imagine a world where Satan has just been released on the unsuspecting masses.”

In The Stranger Among Us, the Millennial Reign of Christ has come to a close. Emma Newton, the Octavian Granddaughter of Chase Newton from book one in the Stranger Series, and her friend Jamis find themselves living in dangerous times.
A new voice begins to call for change and the masses rally to his command. Professor Adoniram Christos, the latest leader of The Order, steps on to the pages of history proclaiming himself to be their leader. As he seeks to gather Gog and Magog, the former kingdoms of the world, against the Kingdom of God, the two young people are caught in the middle of the conflict.
Join Emma and Jamis as they fall in love in a world that is falling apart. This action-packed, futuristic story will hold you breathless and capture your imagination until the exciting conclusion.

The Chase Newton Series

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The Prequel to The Outsider Click here to Purchase for .99


Inspirational Series

Seeing Jesus –  Order Hereseeing-jesus-amazon

In a day where there is such confusion over the style and preferences of worship, Seeing Jesus cuts through the rhetoric and asks the question, “What is acceptable worship from God’s point of view?” When we answer that question, there isn’t much left to say. Seeing Jesus is a thought providing and compelling expose’ on what is true worship. It’s a must-read for the inquiring mind.

Show Us the Father –  Order Here

show-us-the-father Show Us The Father is a thirty-day devotional booklet which addresses the apostle Philip’s statement, “Lord, show us the Father and it will satisfy us.” Using humorous, home-spun and historical illustrations, Show Us The Father points us to the many ways Jesus showed us His Father’s character and compassion. Each of the daily devotions has a focus on scripture, an illustration, a takeaway thought along with space for the reader’s comments and a verse for the day. They are short and easy to read with a personal application the goal.

Faith, Family, and a Lot of Hard Work –  Order Here

faith-family-and-a-lot-of-hard-work-cover Faith, Family, and a Lot of Hard Work, is a rags to riches story, peppered with wit and humor. It about a man, born in the Deep South, born the year the Stock Market crashed, who grew up with barely a third-grade education. But the story doesn’t end there, by God’s grace and a lot of hard work, he became a very successful businessman, owning 14 companies throughout Macon, GA. In this book, you will get a glimpse of how folks in the Deep South lived and glean tidbits of timeless wisdom that will guide you for as long as you live.