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Novelist Bryan M. Powell is also a speaker, and composer/arranger with over eighty choral works to his credit. He and his wife of over 43 years live in Dallas, GA where he pursues a career as a full-time writer. Some of his fifteen Faith-Based novels have been published by Tate Publishing, Vabella Publishing and Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing. He is a member of the nationally known ACFW, American Christian Fiction Writers, The Christian Author’s Guild, The Paulding County Writers Guild, and the local chapter of ACFW, the New Life Writers Group. As a speaker, he is also well qualified to address a variety of topics, such as Self-Marketing Techniques to How to Build a Killer Book Trailer. Through his aggressive approach, he stays booked throughout the year with signing and speaking engagements.

Do You Exist?

“Do you exist?” the caller asked. The phone call came not long after I had closed my bookstore and I was sure the caller’s question was with regard to the existence of my store, but I took the opportunity to... Continue Reading →

Christmas Greetings and Big Savings

This year has had its ups, downs, rain-outs and blow-outs. Despite it all, November's sales set a new record high. Also, we are excited to announce the coming release of two new novels scheduled for early next year. For December,... Continue Reading →

Excuses! Excuses!

You may remember the song, Excuses, made popular by The Kingsmen in the ’60. It starts off with this catchy phrase; “Excuses, excuses, you hear them every day.” There couldn't be a truer statement. People make excuses for an array... Continue Reading →

Fiction in the Bible –Fabrication or Illustration

We have all heard the lame excuse unbelievers use to blur the facts, derail a discussion or blunt someone’s witnessing attempts by claiming that the Bible is full of myths. As one who believes in the infallibility, inerrancy, and preservation... Continue Reading →

Is There Fiction in the Bible?

Let me begin by saying emphatically, Yes! However, I also believe “All scripture is given by inspiration of God …” II Timothy 3:16 You may be asking, ‘Doesn’t the Bible contain lots of stories?’ It does. There are romance, survival,... Continue Reading →

What is Christian Fiction?

So often, when people ask me what I write and I answer “Christian fiction,” I get a blank stare. Many readers simply don’t understand what makes a novel Christian equating it rather to Military Intelligence and other oxymorons. But in... Continue Reading →

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God Has Issues

Psalm 68:20 “He that is our God is the God of salvation; and unto God the Lord belong the issues from death.” It is a great comfort to know that our God is the God of Salvation. He is the way, the truth and... Continue Reading →

Blessings come in Many Shapes

Recently, I tried to order more copies of Stranger in the Pulpit from Tate Publishing. After waiting longer than usual, I tried contacting my publicist to no avail. I attempted to call and email the publisher ... nothing. Finally, I... Continue Reading →

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