“Do you exist?” the caller asked.

The phone call came not long after I had closed my bookstore and I was sure the caller’s question was with regard to the existence of my store, but I took the opportunity to have a little fun. I said, in answer to his query, “I am, because I am.” A reference not that different from the one God gave to Moses when asked, “who shall I say sent me.” God’s cryptic answer was, “I am that I am.” The meaning being, the self-existent Creator God is all that the Children of Israel would need. Trust Him and He will deliver you.

Upon further reflection, the question my caller asked went much deeper than, was my store still in business? My answer, though true, fell far short of God’s all-inclusive answer. It did, however, give me pause to think, to ask myself, “Do I exist? Are my days spent simply existing with no purpose or direction? I had to come to the conclusion that yes, there are days I spent just exist. Thankfully they are far fewer as I yield my life to Christ. His will for me is more than being a potted plant. I am a tree planted by the living waters who brings forth its fruit in due season. The closing of my store was just a season followed by a new and exciting season of fruitfulness with its challenges and victories.

So I ask you, “Do you exist?” “Is your life spent in meaningless pursuits?” or is it a life marked by purpose and direction? If not, it can be, but first, you must yield it over to Christ’s control. Let Him be your focus, yes the very essence of your existence. As the Apostle Paul said, “For me to live is Christ and to die is gain.”