Recently, I tried to order more copies of Stranger in the Pulpit from Tate Publishing. After waiting longer than usual, I tried contacting my publicist to no avail. I attempted to call and email the publisher … nothing. Finally, I got a general announcement informing me and my fellow Tate authors that the company was undergoing a restructuring and that if we wanted our manuscripts back they had several options. In essence, the company went belly up, so I chose the least painful route.

Having said that, I proceeded to do a second/third edition on each manuscript, ordered new covers with new and exciting titles for The Stranger Series since they are no longer available. Stranger in the Pulpit is now – The Order, Stranger in the White House is now – The Oath, The Stranger Among Us is now – The Outsider.

The_order_color front_view     The_oath_color front_view  The_outsider_color front_view

So, in addition to having the second novel in the Christian Fantasy Series released March 29th, The Chase Newton Series will now be available both in E-book format and Paperback soon. If you have been meaning to get into The Stranger Series, there is no better time than now as these are new and improved editions. Go to My Catalog and scroll down to order your copies.