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Once again, Author Bryan M. Powell has captured the pulse of the nation in this ripped from tomorrow’s papers trilogy. After having done extensive research Bryan is confident that The Jared Russell Series marks a clear path moving forward in these troubling days in these true to life fictional stories. To quote an unnamed CIA source, “It’s not a matter of if, it’s a matter of when.”

The Jared Russell Series –

Jared Russell, a former marine turned architect is called upon to build the second largest Mosque in Michigan. As a black man, he is faced with racial prejudice, radicalized Muslims, and his own PTSD. The project develops and Jared falls in love with one of his secretaries … Fatemah Bashera, who has a blood curse hanging over her head. Tensions mount as a radica
l Muslim cleric named Imam Fahad takes Fatemah hostage. Find out what Jared must do to save her and rescue his friends from certain death. Inspired by contemporary events, this Political/Christian Fiction will take you on an exciting journey behind the veil of secrecy surrounding the radical Islamic movement, and show how Jared learns the meaning of love and forgiveness in Sisters of the Veil.
After their wedding, Jared and Fatemah Russell go to Beirut, Lebanon to open a safe house for converted Muslims. They hire fifteen year old Anita Bashera as their housekeeper. Little did they know that she is the Prime Minister’s daughter. Anita overhears her father’s plans to draw Israel into war and confides in Fatemah, but before they can act, Anita is kidnapped and taken into Hezbollah held Syria. Meanwhile, her two brothers co
me to America bent on stealing our nuclear codes and setting off a dirty bomb. Find out what Jared must do to save Anita and avert another world war in Power Play.
After their harrowing experience in Lebanon, Jared and Fatemah, and Anita return to America, and are caught between radical Muslims and their own safety. With time running out, three scientists working on a dirty bomb escape, but are being hunted down and killed. In a desperate attempt to get their message out, they give their cryptic message to Jared and his friends. Anita is the only one who can identify her brother and must decide between his life or the lives of millions. Tensions rise, tempers flare as the clock ticks. Can they solve the mystery before America experiences another 9/11? Find out in The Final Countdown.