An Interview with Author Bryan Powell

Interviewer – So Bryan, what made you write your latest story – The Final Countdown?

Bryan – It was a continuation of the first two books in the Jared Russell Series. Book two left us hanging and I needed one more episode to tie up all the loose ends.

Interviewer – Why a dirty bomb?

Bryan – Actually, I didn’t start off with a dirty bomb. I thought about the different forms an attack on the homeland might take: Sarin Gas, Mass Shootings, Car Bombs. But in the end I settled on a dirty bomb. Research revealed how easy it is to acquire the material for such a device and the technology is fairly simple … it’s on the internet. If you hear I’ve been arrested on charges of conspiracy, it could be from all the research I’ve put in the writing for the last two books. I keep a close eye out for black cars pulling down my driveway. So far, so good.

Interviewer – Aside from the obvious, what message were you trying to get across to the readers?

Bryan – Well, just so you know, the main subject is the danger we all face with global terrorism and how easy it is to infiltrate our country. That aside, I had several sub-plots at work and many themes as well. The first is, of course, salvation. One main/minor character hears and receives the gospel. Then there is love, forgiveness, dealing with authority, humility, selflessness to name a few.

Interviewer – Tell your readers about your favorite character (s).

Bryan – Now that’s not fair. That’s like being asked to pick your favorite child. It is safe to say, they are all my favorites. It’s just that some are more likable than others. To be honest, I’d have to say Anita is probably my favorite female character. She is smart, resourceful, and has a way of pushing Habib’s buttons. She admits it in one very salient scene and I loved how she handled it.

Interviewer – So I take it you let your characters tell you how they want to be portrayed. It seems to me, your characters are in control, not you.

Bryan – That’s funny how you put it, but it’s true. Once I’m on each character’s head, I become that person; thinking, feeling, acting and reacting the way a real person would. In actuality, there is probably a real person like Jared, Anita and Habib. I just haven’t met them except for in my stories. Maybe one day I will … I’m watching you.  < @@>

Interviewer – That concludes this portion of our interview with Author Bryan Powell you can get his books in The Jared Russell Series on Amazon or on demand at any bookstore. Check them out.The Final Countdown Book