Coming Up for Oxygen.

You may have noticed I’ve been incommunicado for the last few months.

Patty and I are in good health, we’re busy, our children and grandchildren are doing well and we’re quite involved in our church and community. So where have I been? Okay, you guessed it … I’ve been writing … or to be more accurate, rewriting. I dragged out a manuscript from 2012 entitled, The Witch and the Wise Men, and I rewrote, revised, and reshaped my story. As I did so, it suddenly occurred to me how much I’ve grown as an author. Not that I’ve arrived, I have a long way to go, but I have learned a few things. Hopefully I have applied what I’ve learned in the next projects. With the second draft completed, I shelved it for a few weeks while I work on other things.

A few days ago, I received the final edits for book three in The Jared Russell Series. You may remember I ran a contest giving you the choice between two book covers. The featured cover is your pick, but I have yet to choose a winner. As soon as I complete updating The Final Countdown, one of you lucky people (who voted) will receive an e-book and will be given the title, Beta –Reader.

Also, I just sent another book to an editor. My thrilling romantic mystery entitled, Saving Lily – a Case for Murder, has been a project I’ve been working on for several years. Actually, it’s three short novellas which I’ve combined into one long novel. How’s this hook sound – What is the connection between a debutante, a necklace and a million dollars? There is none … not until people start dying.  

Okay, okay, full disclosure requires I tell the truth, the whole truth and/or nothing but the truth. I’ve already written a sequel to Saving Lily. The working title is …The Grid Jumpers. All right, so it doesn’t grab you, but think about it for a while. Think outside the box. We all live in a grid, it’s called the Power Grid. What if …? Here’s another working title, same book. Bird Flu, yes, Bird Flu. What if someone weaponized a certain species of birds, infected them with a deadly virus, then programmed them to attack when given a signal. Kinda like Pavlov’s dog … again, the question begs asking … What if …?The final Final Countdown

Okay, since you’re asking, I’ll tell you the hook for The Final Countdown. The clock is ticking, time is running out. Jared and his friends have five days to unravel a cryptic message in order to stop Anita’s brothers from carrying out Jihad on the homeland? But is it enough?

Apart from writing, I’ve been quite busy with signings, leading the Christian Authors Guild, Hiram Bookstore and home. As you can see, my plate is full and running over. To top it all off, my wife and I are working the poles. Not the North Pole … the voting poles. I never realized how many times the poles are open. With early voting, the primary, the election, the run-offs and a dizzying array of candidates it’s all we can do to maintain our sanity.

That said, I am posting this update and heading off to the next project.

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