The question was asked of me, “How do I sell the physical copy of my book on line?” While there are many outlets for e-pub, downloadable books, there are few options for author to sell their autographed copies through the internet. You could try setting up a Seller’s Account on Amazon, for starters. E-bay might be an option. Book Baby, Xulon and others may have hard-copy distribution, but at what percentage? Usually an author will get about 15% for what publishers call “Distribution.” In layman’s terms, that means your publisher sold hard copies of your book to a bookstore, library or an individual and you got pennies on the dollar. Amazon might sell you book if it is set up as a POD (Print on Demand) book. Again, for pennies on the dollar.

So how does an author sell their book (s) other than personal encounters? The answer may not be a one size fits all solution, but for me, having a physical store and by extension, a virtual one, helps tremendously. If you are like me, being on the road nearly every weekend, setting up my display, standing in the hot sun, talking to people is rewarding, but also exhausting. Gratifying, but exhausting. That’s not to say I’m slowing down, but it does beg the question; How long can I keep it up?

The answer came when I placed part of the inventory of my physical store, Hiram Bookstore, in Hiram, GA, into Alibris. This gave me a platform where I could feature my books (all 7 of them), offer them as autographed copies and have the customer pay the shipping. I will probably be broadening out our selection by adding the many fine local authors who grace our store as time allows.

So be watching and click this link;

If you are an author and have found other ways of selling books on-line, please jump in and share with us your ideas. You are more than welcome.

See you in cyberspace.

Author (and Hiram bookstore owner), Bryan M. Powell

One disclaimer . . . our inventory is constantly changing, so items displayed may or may not be available if order. Please call first. Our store number is 770-943-0571