There’s nothing like going into an old bookstore. Its squeaky floors, its atmosphere pregnant with the aroma of coffee, books and the hope of finding hidden treasure form a Norman Rockwell type pictuCopy of booksre to mind. However, not all bookstores posses such ambiance. Like many bookstores with their wide aisles, bright lights and loads of books from every genre imaginable, Hiram Bookstore stands in stark difference from the nostalgic picture of the old bookstore.

My questions are, What do you look for when you visit a used bookstore? Are you just browsing or do you have a specific book in mind you can’t live without? Would you be willing to have the book  placed on your wish list? How far would you drive if you knew a bookstore had what you were looking for?

Hiram Bookstore may not have squeaky floors and the smell of musty old books, but we do have a wide array of new and nearly new books just waiting to be read, in some cases for the first time. So, LIKE us on facebook, visit us when you are in the area, and tell your friends about us. Open from 11-8, Monday through Saturday, we are located at 5077 Jimmy Lee Parkway (278) two doors down from Cheeseburger Bobby’s, across the parking lot from Applebee’s and Jim and Nicks.