Hiram BooksWhat does Hiram Books and Bryan and Patty Powell have in common? For starters, Bryan has been a big part of Hiram Books since its opening days. Plus, he has had book signings and pop-in visits. But the biggest thing that Bryan and Patty have in common with Hiram Books is that as of Monday, May 5th, we are the new owners.Date night 7a

Yes, it’s true. Our friends the Finneys were planning to move and put the store up for sale. I couldn’t bear to see Paulding County’s only bookstore leave or go away, so, I bought it. We are in the process of getting the paper-work through the bureaucratic maze, which I might add, has been a breeze. (GO PAULDING) We should be open for business on Friday, May 9th. Be sure to go to  https://www.facebook.com/HiramBooks and be watching.

See you at Hiram Bookstore very soon.