G Rated Novels #1Whenever people ask about my books I tell them they are “‘G-Rated’ adult mystery and action novels.” The response is almost universal. I get a wry smile when I say, “and the G stands for my grandchildren, ages 17 to 6. They have read all my novels.They are my gatekeepers. Whatever I say in my books, if I can’t say it to my grandchildren, I don’t say it .” That philosophy has been working well for the last four years … just ask the nearly  1000 readers who have bought my books. It takes more effort to show an emotional response, rather than fill in the blank with #@#*!. Using foul language is the easy way, describing anger, wrath, temper takes creativity. Even peppering a sentence with salty language to make the character more “realistic”, “authentic”, or “believable” takes more linguistic effort. Show us what your crusty character looks like rather than have him or her spit out a “D____m”,  “H__ll” or even worse. As christian authors, we have a higher standard to uphold. No matter who your target audience is remember, we are co-laborers with the “Author and finisher of our faith.” We are writing His message, we don’t need to foul it up with foul language and images from the gutter.  You know what you find in the gutter, it’s either trash or road-kill. To subscribe to the notion that one needs to use the language of the world to attract the world is to say, “I need to use garbage to attract the garbage-man.” (Sorry all you garbage collectors. No offence intended. I happen to know some very nice people who run a collection business). So let’s “Show don’t Tell”. Paint with vivid colors, and dig deeper. Your “Audience” will be pleased and you will hear His “Well done, thou good and faithful servant.”