Author Bryan M. Powell

G Rated Novels #1 Whenever people ask about my books I tell them they are “‘G-Rated’ adult mystery and action novels.” The response is almost universal. I get a wry smile when I say, “and the G stands for my grandchildren, ages 17 to 6. They have read all my novels.They are my gatekeepers. Whatever I say in my books, if I can’t say it to my grandchildren, I don’t put it .” That philosophy has been working well for the last four years … just ask the nearly  1000 readers who have bought my books. It takes more effort to show an emotional response, rather than fill in the blank with #@#*!. Using foul language is the easy way, describing anger, wrath, temper takes creativity. Even peppering a sentence with salty language to make the character more “realistic”, “authentic”, or “believable” takes more linguistic effort. Show us what your crusty character looks like rather…

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