Author Bryan M. Powell

Stranger in the  Pulpit cover - small The Beaumont Observer

Only an ostrich with her head in the sand could miss the fact that change was coming. In the world outside of our sleepy town of Beaumont, change had already come. Ever since the November election, the political landscape has changed, and the culture all around us is feeling it; even the civility of common people was changing.

Change comes slowly to Beaumont, but it was coming!

This was how the editorial for the Beaumont Observer began as Chase Newton, the hotshot cub reporter, wrote it. Beaumont was a sleepy ski resort town of forty-five thou- sand tucked away in the mountains of Colorado. Its only claim to fame is its association with two bank robbers who robbed The First National Bank of Beaumont over one hundred years ago. In honor of that infamous day, the city fathers named the streets intersecting the city square after them…

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