Ad agencA pic of Big Newsies and the promotional gurus of our day tell us that you reach about one-half of one percent of your target audience when you advertise. So the key to promotions is numbers, lots of them. The wider your reach, the higher your one-half of one percent will be.

They also tell us that your target audience needs to see your ad somewhere between three to seven times before they are moved to a decision.

Based on those two statements, most of us fall woefully short of our marketing efforts. With that in mind, let’s think about how we can get the most bang for the buck (or lack thereof).

Relying solely on Facebook not only lessens your effectiveness, but sometimes works against you. In this crazy, fast-paced world, it is so easy to hit the delete button before you give an advertiser a chance. Thus, if you come across as an “advertisement” you may be relegated to the trash heap of forgotten friends or worse…spammed out.

That’s not to say you shouldn’t let your FB friends know what’s new and what’s news, but it should be a part of a bigger picture.

FREE ADVERTISING, sounds like Clark Howard.

Patch – If your city or area has Patch, or, use it. There is an event drop-down where you can post your upcoming event. If you have multiple events, finish one and post another. They will walk you through the process. – is another site where you can post your events. You can also add pictures and locational maps. is another one.

And the cool t

hing about all of these is, you can check a box near the bottom and attach your event to Facebook and (sometimes) Twitter…Bang you’ve hit your FB friends without becoming their worst best friend.

But wait, there’s more.

Most, if not all of your venues have their own Facebook page. Click on it and post your event. That doubles your impact. Do the same to, it works the same way.

Another way to boost your outreach is, go to the library nearest your venue and post your event on their site. If the Chamber of Commerce has an open entry FB page, do the same.

The Local Newspaper Facebook page – in many smaller markets you can log into the newspaper’s Facebook and post your event there.

Are you getting the picture? Multiply one-half of one percent by the vast numbers of people you have just reached, (and that, without spending a dime), and you have double, triple, quadrupled your reach.

All it takes is time and that, my friends, is all the time I have for today. I have to spend time letting people know about my nest two events on April 4th and 5th. Friday, I’ll be at The Carpenter’s Shop in Athens, GA from 4-6, and As the Page Turns in Greenville, SC from 12-2. If you live in the area, or know someone who does, be a part of that one-half of one percent and come out and see me. We can talk about how you can be more effective in your efforts.