Author Bryan M. Powell

Ad agencA pic of Big Newsies and the promotional gurus of our day tell us that you reach about one-half of one percent of your target audience when you advertise. So the key to promotions is numbers, lots of them. The wider your reach, the higher your one-half of one percent will be.

They also tell us that your target audience needs to see your ad somewhere between three to seven times before they are moved to a decision.

Based on those two statements, most of us fall woefully short of our marketing efforts. With that in mind, let’s think about how we can get the most bang for the buck (or lack thereof).

Relying solely on Facebook not only lessens your effectiveness, but sometimes works against you. In this crazy, fast-paced world, it is so easy to hit the delete button before you give an advertiser a chance. Thus, if you come…

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