Sweet Spirit ParablesSweet Spirit/Parables Christian Bookstore is the place to go for quality Christian merchandise. More than a bookstore, Frank and Marilyn  Hood have made their store a warm and inviting place to come and brows. There really is a sweet spirit engulfing the atmosphere. From the moment I stepped into Sweet Spirit/Parables, I was greeted by Marilyn and her staff of busy bees. Rachel, Robin and Julianna were a delight to work with as we met new and old friends. Although last Saturday was a rainy day, there was a steady flow of foot traffic giving me the opportunity to meet many people.

Sweet Spirit 3No sooner had I set up than the woman pictured next to me said. “I’ve already bought your first two books, Strange in the Pulpit and Stranger in the White House, but I want the third in the series.” Then she paused and said, “On second thought, I’ve loaned out the first one, so I want to buy it again, that way I’ll have the whole set. And, I want a picture.” Thus the story behind the picture. But wait, there’s more. She went on to say, “Would you mind signing book number two, Stranger in the White House?” “Of course.” I told her I would be glad to. “How far do you live from here?” I asked. “Roswell,” she replied. An hour later, she came back to the Sweet Spirit/Parables Christian Bookstore, book two in hand.

Sweet Spirit Pic 1Not only did I meet this repeat book buyer, but before the day was done, I’d meet another. It was a joy and an encouragement to find anxious and avid readers who make up my growing family of friends. I left signed copies of all five titles with Frank, so if you missed getting there, you can go by Sweet  Spirit/Parables Christian Bookstore and get yours.