A Family Christian Bookstore

Family Christian Bookstore in Fayetteville, GA is chock full of cool stuff (they even carry my books). Chris, the store manager, graciously allowed me to come and hold a sidewalk sale. It was a delightful day for being outside. As a matter of fact, my leftover chocolates from Valentine’s Day got a little mushy. The store employees made me feel like part of the family as well. If you live anywhere in the area and are looking for Bibles or just a good book, stop by the  Family Christian Bookstore in Fayetteville, GA, and tell them I sent you.  A Veggie Pic

Be watching for my next blog, Miss Bessie and the Chickens. There is a growing demand for more short stories about me and my friend Miss Bessie, and so I am rooting around in the treasure trove of my imagination as coming up with some fresh material. Who knows where this will lead. In addition to that, Saturday and Sunday, I’ll be posting the next edition of Seeing Jesus – A Three Dimensional Look at Worship.

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