A pic of Blue Willow Inn

The Blue Willow Inn and Gift Shop with its warm hospitality and nostalgic atmosphere is like stepping back into a by-gone era. Once you arrive, you are given a Southern welcome and seated in one to the private dining rooms and treated like the special guests that you are.  Patty and I spent a delightful Valentine’s Day at the Blue Willow  both in their Gift Shop and in the restaurant. We dined on Southern fried chicken, fried green tomatoes,  sweet potato souffle‘, green beans, and much, much more. As usual, the dessert bar was a big temptation, and I have to admit, I yielded. To top it off, we had the distinct privilege of having a book signing event with Mr. Grady Gillis. His book Faith, Family and a Lot of Hard Work was one of the popular books on display. I left a quantity of it and my other books with in the Gift Shop. 

A Pic of the WillowFunny story – A man walks into the Gift Shop with a Chick-fil-A bag in hand (remember this is a restaurant) and begins handing out free sandwich cards. To make conversation, I said, “I have a Chick-fil-A card signed by Truett Cathy himself. One day after he’s dead and gone, that’s money in the bank.”

The gentleman smiled and lifted a copy of Faith, Family and a Lot of Hard Work from the display and asked me to sign it.

Pleased, I picked up my signing pen and began to autograph it. “Who do you want me to sign it to?” I asked.

Leaning closer he said, “Make it out to Truett Cathy.”

Shocked, I looked up and asked, “How are you related to Truett Cathy?”

He said, “I’m his son, I’m Bubba Cathy.”

I could barely see the book to sign it for the foot in my mouth.