A Blackstock bookAfter an unexplained catastrophic event in the atmosphere knocks out all electronics in the world, materialistic, well-to-do Americans are suddenly left helpless. And as they get down to the essentials of life, they learn to lean on God as they never have before.

As I read Terri Blackstock’s thriller, Last Light, I was impressed with her strong characters and three-dimensional circumstance. I began to think, what if it were me and my family going through such an event? What if my faith was tested as the characters in this book? How would I act, react? Would I cower in fear or let my light shine? One of Terri Blackstock’s techniques is her use of deep POV. Her thought provoking questions puts you right in the character’s mind. This is a must read, so put it on your bucket list or better yet, get it today. Last Light  is Book One in the Restoration Series.

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