As many of you know, I stay booked throughout the year going to bookstores, coffee shops, gift shops and festivals. After taking January off, I began calling some new venues to kick-start my year,  but the Lord didn’t open those doors. Instead, He led me to call  some of the local cities around the North Georgia area to see if they were having a First Friday celebration. I was surprised to learn that the city of Cartersville, GA continued to have  theirs despite it being Winter. However, the cost for a booth was too high for my blood. The event coordinator suggested I call some of the local stores and see if they would allow me to participate inside their shop. After making a few calls, I called Meg Pie.A Meg Pie Owners

What a delight it was to speak with the co-owners Deborah Ballow and Nancy Childs. They wanted to see my books before committing, so I hopped in my trusty Izuzu Rodeo and rode off in a cloud of dust with a hardy “High -O-Silver.”

A Meg Pie I found Meg Pie to be a veritable cornucopia of visual delights, not to mention the coffee and cakes. They permitted me to set up my display in their coffee shop the next day and it was great. I met scores of folks and even sold some books.

Not bad for two day’s notice. 

A The Daily Grind

Matt Sellers, the owner  of The Daily Grind,is a wonderful man and has graciously  given me a standing offer to come and set up a display any time I wanted. I don’t take that lightly, nor do I abuse it. So on Wednesday, I called him and confirmed the offer. With only a few days to promote it. I Facebooked, Tweeted, Twittered, and Hooted that I would be at The Daily Grind from 11- 2. Although I sold a minimal number of books, I had the awesome opportunity to show Matt some of my promotional techniques. Things like HootSuite, WordPress, Get10,, Landing Pages, Push Pages, QR Squares, to name a few. He drank it in like me drinking coffee.

A Teacher's LunchThere was one thing Matt wanted to promote and that was the Teacher’s Lunchbox program. Help Matt out by going to his Facebook page and “Like” it, then go to the Teacher’s Lunchbox link and help out this worthy cause. Our teachers work long and hard to assist parents in carrying out their God given responsibility to teach our children. I should know I’ve been one. Many times it’s a thankless job. So, “If you can read this, thank a teacher.”

If you missed yesterday’s blog, Part III – The Business Side of Writing, or Sunday’s post – The Objective of Worship, please visit the archives and don’t forget to checkout my Chapter Pages and order a book or two.

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