If you missed my blog from yesterday, go into the archives and read it.

As promised, here is the continuation from last week’s discussion. I will be listing 5 more things to do as you plan for success. However, none of these will help without God’s help and the support of your friends and store management. This is work folks, as you will see.

In the Weeks Leading Up to Your Event:

1. Send or take promotional material to the store the week of your event.

Ask the store management to place your material in the customer’s bags before they leave.

2. Send a press release to the store.

Ask them to read it over the PA occasionally.If the store is small, this may not be necessary, but it’s a good policy to be prepared. It speaks of professionalism.

3.  Send a press release with a picture of you and your book to local newspapers within a 40-mile radius of the event.

An interviewMany times newspapers are looking for an event to promote. Ask for a reporter to come to your event and do an interview. Call the local radio station and have them do a live interview. (Now that’s gutsy)

4.   Send or e-mail personal invitations to your friends, acquaintances, book clubs, business associates, club members and others announcing you event. (3 weeks prior to your event)

5.   Take a picture of you and some fans (even if they are store employees) and post it on Facebook on the day of your event.

Many times, the store will do this to stir up some activity among their Facebook followers too.

 One more very important thing to do one week before your arrival … call the store. Make doubly sure they know you’re coming and are preparing on their end!!!

 At and After Your Event:

1.     Bring balloons.  A handfill of balloons

2.     Bring plenty of hand-outs, including candy (if you can afford it, promo pencils, bracelets or other cool stuff).

3.     Wear comfortable shoes.

4.     Dress appropriately.

5.     Arrive in plenty of time to set up and relax.

6.     Don’t sit behind your table.

Come out, come out, wherever you are. Don’t wear sunglasses when talking to people, look them in the eyes, and smile. Many times you must sell yourself before you sell your book(s).

7.     Obviously you should sit when signing the book, but engage your new friend. Personalize each autographed copy. I number mine to set my books apart from the pack.

8.     Hand out a Push-card, or a Bookmark to everyone who will take one.

9.     Be courteous to those who refuse your material.

Remember to not take it personally. And especially, if your book touches a nerve of some customer, don’t get into an argument. Smile, be sweet, nod your head, and pray they leave.

10.      Send the store manager a thank you note.A thank you note

Keep the door open for a secondary event.