Captain’s Log 1.30.2014. Even Captain Kirk couldn’t have imagined this. Here we are, one twelfth into the year.

My New Year began at the Wilds Music Camp. The WildsI came there after a full year of writing books, and devotionals and promoting them. I’d been in over 40 venues, been on two tri-state signing tours, sold 860 books and frankly, I was running on empty. I needed a rest. Fortunately,  the inspirational preaching of Matt Collier on the Resurrection and some God appointed encounters, I received what I needed …  a new motivation. As one of my friends said, “Dig another well.”

I returned from the Wilds and hit the ground running.

  • I dumped my old web carrier, and built a new blog/web site with all the bells and whistles at zero cost.
  • After watching about 10 videos from How to Get 10K Fans (multiple times, I might add), I restructured my Facebook Fan Page, grew my “Likes” from 40 to 150 in a few weeks.
  • I pushed my list of Friends to new heights, thanks to many of you.

Another God appointed encounter taught me about Hootsuite and encouraged me to blog (a lot).

  • Many of you are now following my daily (almost) blogs ranging from Book Reviews to Bookstore Reviews to Writing Tips. It’s all about Content, Content, Content. Thanks for your support and reposts.

Additionally, I had the opportunity to participate as a guest speaker/panelist at the Murder Goes South Writers and Readers conference, sponsored by the Friends of Smyrna Library and Sisters in Crime.Me at MGS

  • Fortunately, no one was murdered in the making of that event.

Throughout the month, Patty continued and finished the first edits of my next book, the working title is Veil of Deception.

  • It’s the sequel to Sisters of the Veil, which will soon to be delivered to my door.
  • As an aside, while at the Murder Goes South, I was pleasantly surprised when a lady approached me with a copy of Sisters of the Veil in her hand and asked me to sign it. What was so amazing  was the fact that she’d bought it through KDP in printed form. To my knowledge, it was the first of its kind.

While Atlanta and most of the south shivered under a blanked of snow, I sat comfortably in front of a raging fire and cranked out new printed material.

  • Bookmarks, push cards and business cards are now printed, complete with QR codes. My goal is to make buying my books a one click process.Promo stuff
  • God has also blessed me with four new venues and hopefully very soon I’ll be announcing my Spring itinerary.
  • Yesterday I received an e-mail from Bob Jones University’s Books Store informing me that they will begin to carry all of my books. That’s enough to make a Baptist jump a pew and do the Tea berry shuffle.

In summary, it has been an intense month of doing technical, behind the scenes work which I believe will pay big dividends in the coming months. So here we go. Next stop – February, next event – Patty and I will be at the Blue Willow Inn and Gift Shop in Social Circle, GA (all day) on Valentines Day. I’ll have all my books with me, including Sisters of the Veil. If you live anywhere in the area or know of someone who does, come or send your friends.

Check out my link to Sisters of the Veil.Minaret and red sky draft 2 cover

Thanks for visiting my blog and passing it along.