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Author Bryan M. Powell

Captain’s Log 1.30.2014. Even Captain Kirk couldn’t have imagined this. Here we are, one twelfth into the year.

My New Year began at the Wilds Music Camp. The WildsI came there after a full year of writing books, and devotionals and promoting them. I’d been in over 40 venues, been on two tri-state signing tours, sold 860 books and frankly, I was running on empty. I needed a rest. Fortunately,  the inspirational preaching of Matt Collier on the Resurrection and some God appointed encounters, I received what I needed …  a new motivation. As one of my friends said, “Dig another well.”

I returned from the Wilds and hit the ground running.

  • I dumped my old web carrier, and built a new blog/web site with all the bells and whistles at zero cost.
  • After watching about 10 videos from How to Get 10K Fans (multiple times, I might add), I restructured…

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