Author Bryan M. Powell

So you’ve written a book. Congratulations!
Putting in the time and effort to write your thoughts is a great accomplishment. Greater still is publication. Now you can sit back and watch the dollars come rolling in, right?
Besides the hard work of writing and editing, there is, The Business Side of Writing.
If you plan on selling your book there are several important aspects that must be taken into consideration. In summary, they are; Promotion, Compensation and Negotiation.
In this blog we will discuss the art of Shameless Self-Promotion and in subsequent blogs the remaining points.
How do you get to be a New York best seller?
In a word, Promotion; shameless, relentless, white-knuckled promotion.
It is a necessary part of the writing process. No matter how much you may hate public speaking, it is a necessary evil.
While much of today’s focus is on cyber marketing, good old-fashioned…

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