During the Summer of 2013, I had the privilege of having a booth at the Southeastern Homeschool Expo in Atlanta GA. While there, I met Author Don Brown. It didn’t take long before I discovered that he and I shared the same passion for writing exciting, compelling stories. His first book, Black Sea Affair is a captivating faith-based, mystery/action novel.

Commander Pete Miranda, the tough captain of a US nuclear sub is asked by his government to take his men on an impossible mission deep within the waters of the Black Sea. Although Pete is committed to the mission, he is riddled with guilt. As a Christian dad, he feels guilty for having missed too many of his children’s birthdays and soccer games. On the other hand, his love for the sea and commitment to the US Navy drives him to risk it all for the cause of freedom.
Masha Katovich, Don’s other main character, a nanny of a group of orphans is caught in the middle of an undeclared war. Were it not for her faith in God and a strong sense of duty to her children, she might not have survived.
Don’s style is straight forward and compelling. Black Sea Affair is fast-paced with little time to breath, which is what I expected in a book titled Black Sea Affair. If you are looking for a heart-stopper, this is a must read. It comes as an e-book, audio book, as well as soft and hard cover.

Thanks Don. I’m look forward to reading your next novel.