If you’re like me, you’ve seen the bumper sticker; “Got Milk?” and wondered, “What’s the big deal?”

But that simple question has burgeoned into literally hundreds of “Got…” statements.  From “Got Trash to Got Jesus?” the question begs an answer. They are asking; “Do you have what I have?” and if not, “I can either give it to you or removed it.”

So here is my contribution, “Got a Message?”

Whether or not you think so, we all have one. We all have a story to tell, a purpose for living. Call it a life message or testimony, whatever, but you and I have something to say. How you say it is as varied as the rainbow.

Now, you may be saying, “My life is as mundane as it can be.”

That may be so, but consider Mr. Grady Gillis. In my recent book, Faith, Family, and a Lot of Hard Work, I tell his story. In brief, he was born the year the stock market crashed, grew up in middle Georgia, dirt poor, with a third or fourth grade education. If the story ended there, he would have passed through this world, unnoticed. But he met two men who changed his life; the first was Jesus Christ and the second was a man named William H. Danforth. Both, either wrote a book or had one written about him. In Jesus’ case, of course it’s the Bible, but in Mr. Danforth’s case, it was a book titled, I Dare You. As a result of those two encounters, Grady’s life changed dramatically. By applying some simple truths like Faith, Faithfulness and Forgiveness, he became a shining light in his dark world.

With the help of his faithful wife, Agnes, he read Mr. Danforth’s little book and it unleashed a hunger to learn, to advance, to be the best he could be. Mr. Danforth challenged Grady to get the highest paying position in the company and within six weeks, he did. By the time he reached his middle thirties, he had earned two degrees, one from the University of Georgia and the other from Moody Bible Institute in finance. He went on to become the owner of 14 companies, including the Oak Haven Golf Course in Macon, GA., and retired quite well off.

So how do you go from being a Wanna-be writer to an Ama-be writer? Let me make a few suggestions and see if that doesn’t get the pump primed.

You could try Tweeting. That’s only 140 words, or you could try posting on Facebook. That may require a little more brain power. And then there is Blogging—a lot more brain power, believe me.

But let me suggest “Journaling.” Jot down the events, the thoughts, and plans you have each day. Some researchers say we have around 70,000 thoughts each day. Even if that number is inflated, and what isn’t these days, that’s a lot of thoughts. If we could capture even a fraction of them, we would have a treasure trove of material. But alas, sad to say most of the thoughts take place when we’re sleeping. The rest are scattered throughout our waking hours among the many distractions which come our way. So here’s some “Thoughts” you might try writing down.

  • Start with a short bio about yourself.

As painful or joyful as it may be, write it down. Like Mr. Gillis, your beginnings may be humble. Your birth may uncover all sorts of skeletons in the closet. Fine, without going into libelous territory, tell your story.

  • Don’t be too critical or to cavalier.
  • Be honest first with yourself and then others.
  • Try to remember those happy days, the days before all the stuff of life happened.
  • Tell us about your vacations at your Grandparent’s house;
  • The day you caught the biggest fish in the lake
  • Your trip to Disney
  • Your trip to the Grand Canyon or some other interesting place

It’s like peeling an onion. Yes, there may be tears, but oh, those onion rings. The more you peel, the deeper you get.

So start peeling away the layers and in my next blog, I’ll give you some practical ways to dig even deeper.